Marriage prediction by your date of birth & time means so much accurate that you can just imagine. Yes this is based on your Navmansh Chart of horoscope which get changed within 10 minutes. So if you are sure about your date of birth & even your time of birth is accurate you can expect detailed marriage prediction here.

What you will get in your Marriage Prediction

Everyone who is seeking for marriage wants to know future life partner. Here is what we will cover the question in your horoscope reading.

  • Can you expect love from your life partner after marriage?
  • Any problems in married life? Solutions?
  • When will you get married and to whom? If so what type of marriage.
  • Are there any chances to get married this year? If so which month is good?
  • How will be relationship with other family members after marriage?

Marriage Prediction Report will Guide you

Marriage is perhaps the most sacred institution amongst the stages of life and people look forward to a happy and satisfied married life. Many people are often curious about when will get married and what kind of a married life they will have. We often look towards other people’s marriages and hope for our marriage to work out in a positive manner. Do you have similar doubts regarding your marriage life? Consult us and all your questions relating to your married life will be answered.

Marriage prediction of partner

Our package allows you to find out about what kind of marriage you will have. Will it be a love marriage with the love of your life, or a match made in heaven that your relatives or some other people arrange for you. How much love and affection will you and your spouse have? Any people are often concerned about the love they will share with their future spouse. With this marriage prediction you will know exactly what kind of a relationship you will have with your spouse.

About Manglik or other problems of horoscope

The prediction will also be able to tell you whether you are a Manglik or not or if any specific rites and ceremonies need to be performed to ensure that your marriage is happy and successful. The prediction will be able to tell where you will get married in terms of geological direction, whether you will be married close to your home or far away. Whether you will be married within the country or abroad.

The marriage prediction will also be able to tell about the personality and temperament of your life partner and your compatibility with him. Even the career & family status of your partner will be what you will get in your marriage prediction by your date of birth & time.

Only you need to give your accurate birth data & we will charge a nominal consultation fee for our reading.

Get your marriage prediction here.